Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 18, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 18, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Anurag saying that she would be celebrating with her family and friends, she won, I lost, her happiness is priceless, if you make someone happy, then their greatest happiness. Prerna believes that Anurag would be suffering today. Shivani thinks that your happiness is not reflected in your eyes, as Anurag’s pain is reflected. Prerna says I’m not upset about him. Anurag says that I am not upset, I am ruined, there is no sadness, because she is happy. She asks Prerna if you are happy. He says that love means making your beloved win, I want to see her happy.

Prerna says I’ll be happy if it goes bust. Shivani says that you are not happy, that it is difficult to hate someone you love the most, you cannot be happy because of Anurag’s pain. Samita talks to Bappa about meeting two people today. Mr. Bajaj comes home to meet Komolika. She says you’re here … He says he sent you a message. She asks why you wanted to meet me. She says she wanted to warn you, think ten times before saying anything about my wife, I know you are frustrated, I have no interest in seeing your face. She says that if an intelligent man falls in love, he loses intelligence.

He says I know Prerna, that’s my truth, don’t blame Prerna, it’s a warning, I’m sorry to bother you, I can’t come tomorrow, we have Prerna’s achievement party tomorrow at our house, you won’t be happy to know. He goes. She thinks what she did now, which I don’t know. Anurag stands in the rain and remembers Prerna. Ek dhaage … play … Your friend asks you to come. Anurag says that he has taught me to enjoy the rains. The boy asks who. Anurag says Prerna. Shivani says Prerna, you like the rains, right? Prerna remembers Anurag. Anurag enters the car and says that Prerna took me out of the car and made me stand in the rain, I just looked at her, Prerna and her smile, it was beautiful, I fell in love with this rain, she taught me to find happiness in the little things, I changed then, I’m sure she keeps seeing the rain, the difference is that we are in different places. Prerna and Anurag hold the raindrops in their hands. Mr. Bajaj comes home and sees Prerna on the balcony. He smiles when he sees her. He approaches her and holds the raindrops. She turns and sees him.

She says Mr. Bajaj … He says it’s hard to stay away from you. He goes. Anurag’s friend brings him home. Komolika thanks Sid. Anurag is drunk. He asks Sid to join him, they’ll talk more. Komolika says it’s fine, thanks for bringing it home. Sid goes. She asks him if he met Sudeep. Anurag says we’ll talk tomorrow. Close the door. She says that tomorrow won’t bring you a good day. Anurag believes that I want to be with the memories of Prerna, I miss her a lot, she will always be my life. Main tumhara raha … play … He thinks about her. Prerna asks why you said it’s not easy to walk away from me. Mr. Bajaj says he had to say a dramatic line, so you came for me, I saved myself from a tedious job, I didn’t say anything bad, it’s true that I can’t get away from you, it’s your hit party and I’ll be with you, you have All the answers. She asks what should I say. She says I said something I don’t know. She says that I felt … He says that I love you so much that I cannot control my feelings, it is true that I love you very much, but it is also true that I know how to control my feelings. He gives her the coffee. She says she knows my answer, thank you. She goes. She says you don’t know that I love you even more now, I can’t get away from you, I can’t lose you, Anurag can’t come back into your life.

It’s morning, Anurag wakes up. Komolika knocks on the door. He opens the door. She says I swear, I don’t remember the night, forget it. She says yes, forget it, the matter is the same, I know you are afraid that I am upset. It changes and it comes. She says it’s called a blackmail marriage. She says she only wanted this from you. She says she could do just that. She says I want power, I don’t want to fall in love, I know what happens with lovers, let’s talk about work, what did Sudeep say. Get the call from Chatterjee. He says yes, I’m coming. He says I have a meeting with the investor. He goes. He asks Kaushik to come quickly with him.

Kuki greets everyone. She says I missed you dad. Bajaj also tells me. She joins them for breakfast. She says I missed this a lot. Veena says Prerna brought us here. She says I don’t think she did anything wrong, she wanted to meet you all, if she’s here then her family better stay with her. Shivani says I’m done. She goes. Prerna looks and says I’ll come. It says I hope you know about Prerna’s achievement party. Mahesh says yes. Kuki asks him to eat something else. Mr. Bajaj says I’m done, if you read the newspaper, someone will be surprised. Komolika reads about the deal with Prerna’s company. She screams Anurag….

Komolika fumes at Basus. Mohini says Bajaj has done this. Mr. Bajaj says that I am in his decision. Prerna invites Komolika to the launch party. Komolika says Anurag, we have to attend a party at Prerna’s house. She thinks it will be Prerna’s last party.

Update credit to: Irfan

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