Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 16, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 16, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode starts off with Komolika thinking that I can’t tell him that Prerna still has feelings for him, otherwise he may tend towards her. She asks what Sudeep said, will they get the project back or not. Anurag says stop asking questions, it would have been nice if he died there. She asks, don’t you feel bad? He says yes, I felt bad. She says that you are the best husband in the world, I have to make you realize that you are guilty. He wears headphones. He says we’ll talk later, good night. She says listen to me. She goes. She says thank God she went. Moloy and Mohini argue. Komolika gets mad at him. Act scared. She thinks maybe Anurag made sense, she went to meet Sudeep to make me happy. Mohini asks Moloy not to tease. It says that you are married to me, not to Komolika, they both have a soul connection. He goes. Nivedita says we have to be afraid of Komolika since she has the whole business, I think I should marry a rich guy and go.

Mohini says I never wanted you to marry poor Anupam, where did Anurag go? Nivedita says I don’t know. Anurag meets Sudeep and thanks him. Sudeep says I see a person for the first time who wants to go broke. Anurag says I’ll tell you all about it one day, give that file to Prerna. Sudeep says it’s okay, you still have time, think. Anurag goes. Prerna is on her way. See some balloons and remember the girl. She thinks that I wish I could meet that girl alone, strange, I felt a strange peace meeting her. Sneha is in the store. Maasi goes to work. Sneha checks the closed money box. She wants to eat some sandwiches. Prerna passes and stops. She sees her sad. Sneha asks how you got here, how did you know I miss you. Prerna asks why you are sad. Sneha says I’m hungry, I have money, but the piggy bank is closed. Prerna gives you money. She asks him to accept it, she would have taken it if it was her daughter. Sneha says it’s okay, don’t be sad like me, stay here. Prerna says I have a meeting.

Komolika says your plan was great this time, Anurag ran into accident. Ronit says talk to him, otherwise the brilliant idea won’t work. She says I think she feels guilty and went to meet Sudeep to surprise me. She says sorry, I didn’t see her doing anything to please you. She smiles. Ask how you know you will be surprised after the meeting. She says I also keep my eyes, ears and mind open, no one can beat me. He says no, I know you, I can’t read your thoughts, I know you can do anything for revenge. She says that the matter should be only between us, do not repeat it in front of anyone. She goes. Sneha runs down the road. Anurag sees a speeding car and goes to save her. He asks if she’s okay. She said yes. He asks if you hurt yourself, this blood. She sees his wound on his forehead and says it’s your blood. He embraces her emotionally. He asks if you’re okay, thank god be careful. Says you’re so sweet I’ll remember She goes. He sees Prerna in the cafeteria and walks over to her. Greets her.

She says you are alive. Order coffee for them. They argue. She says I have partially commercialized the land, are you surprised? Remember. She says she wanted you to read this in the newspapers, she had to see this pain on your face, now you know why I saved you, eight years ago, you have hurt me, you have hurt me, now it’s my turn, you will get the wounds, will be suffering. She shows the file. He asks what nonsense. He says I like to see you like this, you’ve made me like this, I didn’t want to hurt anyone. She says I’m sorry for hurting you. She says you are asking me for forgiveness. He says you will never change, you act strong, but my forgiveness melted you, you actually felt like I was apologizing, you did not change, let me tell you, I do not regret it, you are still an emotional fool, you think you will show this file and I beg you, no forget that I am the same Anurag who pushed you.

Prerna asks about her mother. Sneha says that Maasi knows and said that he will tell at the right time. She talks to Anurag. He smiles. Prerna says I can’t explain how much peace I feel watching him suffer. Anurag says that she won and I lost.

Update credit to: Irfan

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